Should I Get A Physician Mortgage Straight Out Of Medschool?

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medical school mortgage program

One of the biggest worries of a person’s life is debt.  We are conditioned to think that debt is bad.  Being in debt can be scary and can be worrisome, but banks know better!  Banks realize the high earning potential of doctors and physicians who are uniquely qualified and supremely disciplined in their field.  The dedication you have shown to your education usually translates to a highly successful and profitable life going forward.

We have created this website to put doctors and physicians in touch with the most advantageous bank lenders for physician mortgage programs.  Simply select which state you are in and you will be paired with a lender in your state.  You can also search by your medical degree to get the most qualified physician mortgage lender for your qualifications.

Students shouldn’t worry about their outstanding student loan debts either.  Most of the doctor loan programs available by our lenders are known not to count the debt against you. 

Since you can start building equity immediately after buying your first home, we think it is in your best interest to jump on a physician mortgage loan straight after graduation.  Think of it this way – you can refinance later to pay off your student loan debt.  You wouldn’t be able to do this if you waste your money on renting.  Grow your wealth – not your landlords.


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